Our main location Villa Wästä-Räkki is located at Luosto Ski Resort in Sodankylä municipality (Central Lapland). By the river, 5 kms from the village center and close to nature’s endless possibilities. Reach us conveniently from Rovaniemi Airport (112kms away) by bus, rental car or private shuttle and from Kittilä Airport (124kms away) by rental car or private shuttle.


Are you in love with outdoor activities and sports? You have found the perfect spot! Whether it’s hiking, fishing, running, berry picking, cross country skiing or just being one with the nature, we have it all. Villa Wästä-Räkki is a year-around paradise with endless possibilities to achieve the nature touch by River Kitinen and Luosto Ski Resort.


Our main priority is to provide you a calm and relaxing place for your visit to the Heart of Lapland. We want you to have time for yourself, catch a break from everyday life and to be able to charge your batteries completely. Visit us in a location where rush is never present. We will serve your in private and international manner.


  • 80m2
  • Twin and single beds
  • Loft
  • Fireplace
  • Sauna for free
  • BBQ hut and boat for rent



Castle of Luosto

Wästä-Räkki Wilderness


Chalet Lustitupa

Apartment Aarni

Aarni Duplex

Villa Cloudberry

Logwood Chalet

Logwood Villa Restamaja

Chalet Tunturipöllö

Tunturipöllö Guesthouse

Kelo Seasons Winter

Kelo Seasons Spring

Kelo Seasons Summer

Kelo Seasons Autumn


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